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Simplify your diet with youfitness

Transform your weight loss journey with our smart diet app! Personalized meal plans and weight tracking in graphs, all in the palm of your hand.

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Goodbye to Traditional Meal Plans

Forget rigid and inflexible meal plans. Our AI-powered diet app creates personalized plans that adapt to your lifestyle, offering a unique and efficient weight loss experience.

Total Customization
Tailor-made diets with precise macronutrient division to meet your specific needs.
Smart Monitoring
Track your progress with interactive charts and stay motivated.
Variety and Ease
Weekly planning that makes healthy eating simple and tasty.
Goodbye to Traditional Meal Plans

Track Your Progress

Track your weight loss journey dynamically and visually. Our app allows you to edit and monitor your weight with interactive charts, offering a clear and motivating view of your progress.

Clear Visualization
Interactive charts that show your progress in detail and easy to understand.
Personalized Control
Edit and update your weight regularly for accurate tracking.
Constant Motivation
See your achievements in real time and stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals.
Track Your Progress

Discover all the features.

Explore all the functionalities of our app and see how it can transform your weight loss journey with personalized plans, interactive charts, and much more.

Custom meal plans adjusted to your personal needs and goals.

Track your progress with easy-to-understand charts and visualize your achievements.

Receive detailed recommendations of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for a balanced diet.

Get a weekly menu with diverse recipes and integrated shopping lists.

Your data is always synchronized, regardless of the device.

Join online communities and receive personalized support to achieve your goals.

Transform Your Diet Today!

Transform your diet with personalized meal plans and progress tracking. Achieve your goals in a practical and effective way, adapting to your lifestyle!